7 Celebrities with Hair Transplant

Numerous famous figures, perhaps more than your prediction, have had hair transplants.

More and more well-known people started opting for the procedure as it became more accessible thanks to advances in medical technology. In this way, interest in the procedure has also grown.

Although its popularity is increased, it is clear that this is a personal and sensitive process. Because our hair is such a noticeable aspect of our appearance, it may be challenging to conceal bald spots and receding hairlines. It can be even harder to hide the rapid return of newly transplanted hair.

In the meantime, as more celebrities have spoken publicly about their experiences with this therapy, many more people have had the courage to go through with the operation on their own and have successfully regained their own sense of body confidence as a result.

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So, who are some of the famous people with hair transplants, and why is this procedure so well-liked by actors, actresses, and other celebs? For sure, you wonder about these. To illustrate the efficacy of hair transplantation, we share some well-known people's stories who've preferred the procedure in this text of seven examples.

1) Wayne Rooney

Think of the greatest Manchester United footballers of all time. Which is one of the first that comes to your mind?

Of course, one of them is Wayne Rooney. He has one of the most publicized hair transplant cases in Hollywood history. English striker admitted openly that he had a hair transplant because he had hair loss since his early twenties.

The procedure in 2011 successfully restored the density of his crown hair, and two years later he had another transplant to make the hair denser. Rooney said the thinning hair was making him feel insecure, but after receiving treatment, he was overjoyed with the results.

2) Elton John

Elton John too, like Wayne Rooney, shared his experiences with hair transplantation surgery. Already had hair loss in his early 70s, the rockstar has been outspoken about how self-conscious his receding hair made him feel. His openness about his hair shedding and treatment sparked the celebrity hair transplant movement. Despite being in his 70s, Elton John now has a full head of hair thanks to two sessions. Don't you agree that he looks nicer than ever?

3) Calum Best

Calum Best, who was Celebrity Big Brother participant, revealed that he preferred hair transplantation surgery to bolster his confidence. Best stated that he had hair loss in his early twenties, with a gradually receding hairline. He resolved the issue by getting an FUE hair transplant in the United Kingdom.

To establish a new hairline, follicular units were taken from the donor area on the back of his head and transplanted to the front. Best's hair restoration procedure was beneficial in advancing his hairline and reducing his fear of balding.

4) Mel Gibson

He's probably one of the most well-known people on our list. Gibson's parents took him to Australia when he was young. He was born in the USA and has starred in films including Mad Max, Ransom, and Conspiracy Theory. In the 1980s, he had a full head of long hair, however, in the 1990s, he began to experience hair loss. Approximately ten years later, he underwent a hair transplant to restore his hairline and thinning hair. An older but more charismatic “Braveheart” than before, don't you think?

5) Joe Swash

If you're old enough, EastEnders is probably among your favorite television productions. Joe Swash, one of the stars of this series, put an end to all gossip by revealing that he covertly underwent the treatment early in his career. He added that he was concerned about disclosing his intention to receive the treatment due to the rumors about the operation at the beginning.

However, when other well-known people started to talk about their hair transplant experiences, Swash also revealed his transplant and emphasized that it was something personal to him.

6) Jimmy Carr

Another example is the well-known comedian Jimmy Carr. He made no attempt to conceal the fact that he had opted to get the hair restoration surgery, discussing it live on the broadcast easily.

We all know Carr for his stand-up comedy and outspoken remarks. He stated that he opted to undergo a hair transplant to address his receding hairline. Carr now has a lower hairline to go with his customary thick head of hair, after the successful treatment.

7) Elon Musk

At the bottom of our list is someone we are sure we all know well. He is the tech magnate Elon Musk. He was suffering from fast hair loss and a receding hairline, despite his reputation for jantiness. This is evident in photographs past. His growth and density have returned to the crown and frontal regions of his skull, resulting in a remarkable conversion.

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