Advantages of Hair Transplant in Winter

You are suffering from hair loss, and you are considering a hair transplant, but when is the right time? Undoubtedly, it is a thing that you are as curious about as your hair transplant results.

Making the decision to undergo a hair transplant is a major step since it will result in a transformation of your appearance. Everyone notices you right away. The post-op period has the potential to significantly improve certain your self-confidence and perception of yourself.

It's not hard to imagine that the changing of the seasons has a significant impact on the body. The changes that occur on the skin and in the hair are more noticeable over the different seasons, despite the fact that the whole body actually goes through seasonal transitions. Before considering making any adjustments to your hair, you have to first give great consideration to the effects that the changing seasons will have.

Which Season is Best for Hair Transplant?

In the majority of instances, hair transplantation results can be seen in five or six months, and complete growth occurs after a year has passed. So, you are right to wonder when will you experience the full benefits of a hair transplant winter or summer.

We know that there are a number of gossip floating around about how getting hair transplant surgery in winter is a terrible idea, but this is just one of the famous urban legends.

There are several advantages to having your hair restoration therapy in the winter, provided that you carefully adhere to GoodLook's experts' post-operative care instructions. The chilly temperature will have no effect at all on your hair transplant. Then let's look at these benefits.

  • Sweat Protection: During the first two weeks after your hair transplant, you will need to ensure that your scalp is kept clean and protected from any potential infections. Besides with your special care and dry shampoo to use at home, it is essential that your scalp's dryness and you do not produce an excessive amount of sweat. 

The outcomes of your hair transplant operation or the length of your recovery time do not be significantly impacted by sweating; nonetheless, it is essential to maintain the region clean, and this requires that no perspiration or dirt be present. The possibility of you sweating is less when the temperature is low, which makes the healing process less bothersome.

  • Wearing a hat: You may want to keep the fact that you have a hair transplant a secret, or at the very least, steer clear of criticisms and debates over your choice.

Even having a woolly hat soon after getting a hair transplant is not a good idea for some cases, once the transplantation is over, the hat may be a useful disguise for covering the apparent symptoms of a new treatment.

Because wearing a hat is considered to be more appropriate in the winter months, you may find that the number of individuals who make you feel uncomfortable as a result of their comments or stares decreases at this time of year.

  • Summer vacations: If you are the type of person who takes summer vacations every year, you always prefer to join exciting activities with your family. During the time that you recover from hair transplantation surgery, you may not able to take part in any of the enjoyable activities, such as swimming, or sunbathing. In addition to these, you may miss any of the sports that you participate in while having fun in the sun.

Having your hair transplant in winter ensures that the sun does not damage your scalp and you don't have to miss out on quality time with your loved ones. We all care about the chance to create remembrances that can't be replaced when the summer holiday rolls around.

  • Hair transplant costs: If you travel from out of town to our clinic, you will need to take into account the costs of travel. When you see different options, such as FUE and FUT hair transplant, you want to evaluate all before choosing.

In the summer, when people travel more, everything is a little more expensive. Considering all the costs, hair transplantation in winter will be proper for you.

If you are considering a hair transplant in the upcoming winter months, as GoodLook, we are ready to offer you the best treatment. Please contact us.