Are You too Skinny for a BBL?

Most of us think that summer is the right time to get the body we dream of. Unfortunately, it may not be so easy to achieve that dream body with only exercise and diet. Instead, we can achieve much more perfect and permanent results if we combine healthy eating habits and regular exercise with the blessings of plastic surgery. Nowadays, a thin waist and curved butt lines like those of Hollywood artists have been admired so much, so this explains why the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure to stand out among these plastic surgery operations. The BBL procedure is defined as a combination of liposuction and fat injection procedures. This brings a question to the minds of some patients: Am I too skinny for the BBL operation?

The first step of a typical BBL procedure is to remove the required amount of fat from the patient's body by applying liposuction to the areas with excess fat. The most preferred areas for the liposuction procedure are the lower abdomen, upper arms, and legs, inner hips and thighs, or the back, where most people complain of excess fat. Afterward, the fat tissue taken from here is injected into the butt, and the BBL procedure is completed. 

BBL operation is most successful in individuals who are at or close to their ideal weight. Keep in mind that gaining and losing weight after the surgery may cause a slight change in the results of the surgery. Therefore, it would be better to start eating healthy and exercising beforehand if you are considering having BBL surgery

The situation is slightly different for very thin women. Unfortunately, the dream of having a large hip and butt line with the BBL operation is far from reality for those. In such skinny patients, there is no area where the adipose tissue needed for fat injection can be obtained. The butt implant method can be used as an alternative to BBL in these patients. However, it should be noted that this method does not give as natural results as the BBL operation. The reason why the BBL operation is so popular is that the patient uses her own fat tissue. Thus, any risk of allergic reaction is eliminated and a natural result emerges.

Nevertheless, remember that you need to consult a specialist surgeon to decide whether BBL is right for you.