Can Stress Affect the Results of a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation methods consist of various surgeries applied to people suffering from hair loss and baldness problems. It is known that people experiencing stress are more prone to various diseases, including, of course, hair loss. If you have a stressful life, it's natural to worry about it, but don't be hopeless completely!

As you know, there is a temporary period called shock shedding in the hair transplant process, and at this stage, the hair strands on the transplanted hair follicles fall out. If the pressure is high in this part of your life, it is rarely seen that it directly affects the health of your hair. It should be known that not every hair fall is not stress-related. However, it should not be forgotten that there are other factors that can change the results of your hair transplant surgery in a positive or negative way.

Does Alcohol Sause Hair Loss?

Generally, the periods when people increase their alcohol consumption are the periods when they are under intense stress. However, contrary to popular belief, this results in your inability to manage the pressure well. Alcohol slows blood flow to your scalp and prevents blood clotting. Excessive use of alcohol will only make you recover later and be stressed for longer.

The Connection Between Stress and Hair Loss

At this point, it is important that you can provide the appropriate conditions for your surgeon to perform a successful hair transplant operation. You should be honest with yourself about your diet, alcohol and cigarette consumption, sleeping pattern, and other habits, and do your best for the healing process to be healthy.

So what can you do to manage stress? Some steps that have been implemented and benefited may be useful to you.

  • Moderate-intensity routine exercises: Non-strenuous exercises that you do after your working hours will have a positive effect on your quality of life in the short and medium term. Incorporate activities such as jogging, dancing, swimming, and cycling into your life.
  • Relaxing techniques such as meditation and yoga: Follow various teachings and learn deep breathing techniques. You will be amazed at the effect a productive yoga session can have on you.
  • Having a healthy diet: Let us remind you that a healthy diet is as important for your general health as it is for the health of your hair. A balanced and careful diet consisting of lean proteins, fruits & vegetables prevents you from experiencing stress-related hair fall.
  • Being with friends and family: You already know how important it is to spend time with your loved ones in every moment of your life. Keep your family and friends close during your hair transplant surgery process, so you will keep stress away.


As a result, although we cannot say that stress directly causes hair loss, you now know better that you should pay more attention to the things that will make your life difficult. If you suffer from hair loss, if you want to have a quality and reliable hair transplant, visit GoodLook's website and make an appointment. We are waiting for you to share our experience in this field.