Guide for Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Turkey is at the top of the world's ranking in hair transplantation applications. The rate of people coming to Turkey from abroad as health tourists are increasing gradually. If you have questions such as "Why should I choose Turkey for a hair transplant" or "What should I do if I decide to have a hair transplant operation in Turkey", you can find the answers below.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

The idea of ​​going to a country other than your home country, or even a country you have never been to before, may scare you. Let us tell you that this kind of anxiety is perfectly normal.

Regulations of International Health Tourism and Tourist Health have been regulated in detail to eliminate such thoughts that worry health tourists.

Of course, it is also important to remember that choosing the right clinic is essential. You should do your research about health insurance regulations and the health tourism authorization certificate of the clinic, the medical and educational background of the surgeons, and past treatment results of the clinic. Good Look puts clinical patient satisfaction first. You can contact us for detailed information and to clear the question marks in your mind.

The prominent answers to the question of why Turkish hair transplant is so popular are as follows:

  • The Turkish health system functions properly.
  • Health professionals are qualified and competent.
  • There are no long-waiting lines or lists for treatment. Therefore, the patient can receive health care in a short time.
  • Clinics and hospitals have cutting-edge medical equipment infrastructure.
  • Health workers are fluent in English. Patients coming from abroad will not experience communication problems.
  • The patient's expectations and complaints are considered; consultation and examination are carried out meticulously.

Turkey hair transplant cost is affordable. Even, Turkey is one of the most economically advantageous countries among hair transplant countries. Moreover, it combines affordable hair transplant prices with qualified treatment.

Turkey provides services with accredited health institutions. Accreditation in health is an international system that inspects the service quality and competence of health institutions and organizations. All factors from the success of the doctors to the success of the health personnel, from the adequacy of the medical infrastructure to the hygiene conditions are checked. Turkey hair transplant reviews are proof of that.

Roadmap for Hair Transplantation in Turkey

The procedures for coming to the country as a health tourist and receiving treatment services vary according to the clinic. However, steps such as collecting the documents, applying for a visa, arranging the treatment date, and booking the flight to Turkey should be planned. Our guests who prefer the Good Look clinic do not have to deal with any of these. If you contact us, we will be making essential adjustments and transfer useful information to you.

What we do during the application process for hair transplantation:

  • We schedule your medical operation day, we adjust your treatment plan.
  • Within the scope of health tourism, we provide detailed information about the process of coming to Turkey as a health tourist.
  • We help with flight ticket reservations.
  • We meet you at the airport and transfer you to your hotel.
  • We arrange your hotel accommodation.

Before the hair transplantation, we welcome you in our clinic. We provide information about hair transplantation procedures such as the FUE method, Sapphire FUE hair transplantation, Ozone therapy, and DHI method.

What do we do during the Hair Transplant Surgery?

The hair transplantation method varies according to the procedure. It can be briefly explained as follows: The patient's degree of hair loss, the structure of the hair follicles, and the donor area hair quality are examined.

In addition, the patient is informed about all issues including the structure of the sapphire blades, the details of local anesthesia, and the collection and transplantation of hair follicles. Hair follicles are collected from the donor site and planted into the bald region. Depending on the number of grafts, the operation time may vary. In the hair transplant clinic, a hygienic and credible setting is created for the patient to feel comfortable. After the procedure, the healing process begins. In the postoperative process, the patient's recovery process is monitored. The first hair wash is done in the clinic. To summarize, treatment and service in the form of a "Turkey hair transplant package" is offered to you. You will find what you are looking for in Good Look, one of Turkey's leading clinics. Contact us for a comfortable and safe hair transplant adventure.