How to Keep Your Hair Healthy in  Winter?

Hair transplantation is the name of the applications performed to prevent hair loss, the methods and scopes of which vary according to the different needs of people. Protecting the hair from external factors is as important as a successful hair transplant operation.

Moisturizers, oil-based treatments and hair masks are some of the preferred treatments for this reason. You need to know how to protect your hair in cold weather in winter. Factors such as temperature and humidity drops, strong winds and dry air indoors can damage your skin and hair, especially during seasonal changes.

As you prepare to welcome the winter months, you may worry about your hair care and act sloppy on some days. However, as GoodLook in the field of hair transplantation, which we specialize in, we will tell you what you need to do and all the tricks about your hair care in the winter months. In this way, you will enjoy the winter season in a comfortable way without worrying.

Each person's hair type is different, but cold weather is effective on almost all hair types. If you have fragile and thin hair, you need to be a little more careful. In addition, you may be wondering what kind of care you will apply after a hair transplant in winter or summer. In addition, you may be wondering what kind of care you will apply after a hair transplant in winter or summer. If you want to show off your shining hair in summer, you will want to consider the tips below.

  • Brushing Hair Gently: You took a shower and your hair is wet. In these moments, they are more sensitive than ever. Before combing your hair, be sure to wait for it to dry a little. Allowing the hair to dry itself is the ideal way, and it is recommended to do so whenever possible.
  • Risks of dyeing and Bleaching Hair: Hair dyeing and bleaching, which are done in order to gain a beautiful and impressive appearance, penetrate the hair follicles and block the beneficial components. After these procedures, it takes a long time for the hair to recover itself especially in the winter months. If you are going to dye your hair, make sure you find the safest way.
  • Attention when choosing hairstyles: One of the other things preferred to look more beautiful is to style the hair. Hairstyles such as braids and buns are dangerous for thin and delicate hair, and can cause breakage. On the other hand, the use of hair bands with fabric material also prevents hair breakage.
  • Frequency of hair washing and choice of shampoo: The most important thing to pay attention to when washing hair is how oily the skin on your head is. The scalp tends to dry out in cold weather and needs to be moisturized. If you have oily hair, you should not neglect your daily care. Generally, it will be sufficient to use shampoo twice a week. Because the over-use prevents the oils that your hair needs. A moisturizing shampoo and cream will help you in this regard.
  • Avoiding stress and eating healthy: Maybe you work harder and travel more than your normal routine during the winter months. And besides that, you have a limited feeding schedule. Stress and a deficient diet affect the hair follicles through hormones. This can cause the hair to fall out from the hair bulbs. In winter, you should pay attention to your hair such as all parts of your body.


In addition to our experience in hair transplantation, we are also aware of the sensitivities in hair care. GoodLook's expert staff is ready to help you have the healthiest hair with its hi-tech medical equipment. You can contact us for detailed information.