How to Prepare for Your Hair Transplant

Your hair is falling out, or you are experiencing baldness. Like every people, you don't want to see any bald spots on your scalp and desire healthy hair. Of course, you would try many different methods, but in the end, all roads may lead to a hair transplant treatment. Inherently you have some concerns in your mind at this stage.

Although it has become quite common around the world with the developing technology in recent years, and its results are highly successful, it is not an easy thing to decide on a hair transplant surgery.

However, with the help of the proper guidance, following certain steps, and knowing well before and after a hair transplant treatment, you may not have to worry. For this, you need a good clinic and an experienced surgeon. In this article, you will find out the answer to this question: "How do I prepare for a hair transplant?"

In addition to this information, consultation with your doctor is also very important. Because the instructions given to you may vary depending on which hair transplantation method will be applied. With its highly equipped clinic and expert staff, GoodLook is waiting for you to provide the best service in this field.

Things to Consider Before a Hair Transplant Surgery

What you need to pay attention to before hair transplant surgery may vary depending on the date of your operation. Your preparations start about 1 month in advance. Following the warnings mentioned below can guarantee a successful treatment.

  • Put out your cigarette at least 24 hours before your operation. Stop smoking immediately, or if you are unwilling to do so, put it on hold temporarily until after your surgery. Smoking slows down the healing process for wounds and also affects your whole recovery.
  • Alcohol should definitely not be consumed in the three days leading up to the procedure. It is recommended that you have your last drink at least one week before you are scheduled to have hair transplantation surgery.
  • Perform a scalp massage around two weeks before your procedure. Practice this activity for at least 15 minutes every day, and for as long as 20 minutes if at all feasible. This assists to enhance the texture and tone of the skin by making it more supple. Additionally, it gets the blood pumping in that transplanted site.
  • Depending on the severity of your hair loss, you may need to take a medicine such as Minoxidil prior to surgery. This may not be necessary if the operation is limited to your head's crown. You may be instructed to take antibiotics before surgery to avoid infection. These may also be administered following the process.
  • Two weeks before your hair transplant surgery, you should stop taking any multivitamin pills, as well as any herbal supplements. You must also quit taking aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs during the same period before the operation.
  • Some doctors may require you to undergo screening procedures such as an electrocardiogram before treating you if you are above a specific age, such as 50 years old or older. Besides that, a blood test could also be needed.
  • Additionally, you should avoid trimming your hair before your surgery. This is especially significant if your donor portions are already short. Your surgeon can cut your hair throughout the operation to ensure that it is the appropriate length for transplanting. If you mistakenly cut your hair too short, this might complicate the process.


The Day of Hair Transplant Surgery: What Should I Do?

Take a bath and attend to your hygiene practices the morning of your hair transplantation surgery. You should not use any styling products. Arrive for the appointment having slept properly and having had a light meal, or drink without caffeine.

Your doctor suggests that you wear a buttoned shirt or a jersey with a large collar to avoid dragging the garment over your head. This is an excellent practice also for the weeks following the treatment as well. Wear comfortable attire throughout the procedure, as it can last up to 7 hours depending on the quantity of grafts you are receiving.

No visitors are permitted in the surgery room. We can accommodate your company in our lobby or cafeteria lounge. Refrain from speaking excessively during the operation. During the procedure, avoid using your personal mobile phones or any devices.

As the GoodLook family, you can be sure that we will give you all the necessary support before, during, and after your hair transplant surgery. Contact us for everything you want to learn and more.