In Which Cases Is Hair Transplantation Performed?

What is Hair Transplantation Treatment?

Hair transplantation is the process of transferring the strong hair follicles taken from the donor area to the place where transplantation should be done with a surgical technique. Hair transplantation treatment, which is a popular treatment method, can be performed for every adult and healthy individual. With the most accurate hair transplantation method to be preferred, it is possible to reach vibrant hair. 

The problem of hair loss and baldness that occurs over time can depend on many factors. Vitamin deficiency, excessive stress, hormonal disorders, genetic predisposition, or different external factors can cause an individual to experience a decrease in hair.

There are different treatment options for individuals who have thin hair strands or face the problem of baldness. It is possible to get a free consultation to get information about details such as the treatment process, and hair transplantation cost. In this regard, GoodLook, together with its well-equipped employees, is always with its patients and supports at every stage, both before and after hair transplantation treatment.

Who is a Good Candidate for Hair Transplantation?

Men and women may have hair loss problems depending on various factors. Every adult individual who wants to eliminate this problem can apply for hair transplantation treatment. However, it is extremely important that the general health status of the individual is good for the treatment and that there is no physiological problem that prevents hair transplantation. It is equally important that there are enough follicles in the donor area of the individual. 

Hair transplantation treatment is not suitable for individuals who have diseases such as liver failure, heart disease, diabetes, or kidney failure. To find out whether such diseases exist, blood tests and examinations are performed before treatment. Hair transplantation is not recommended for patients with additional diseases such as blood pressure and diabetes.

Consultancy services can be obtained to get information about hair transplantation prices in Turkey and the best hair care treatment methods.

What are the Best Types of Hair Transplantation?

About 85% of men and about 40% of women face complaints of hair loss. There are many treatment options for patients who have complaints such as hair loss or baldness. The most popular method to achieve fuller and strong hair is hair transplantation. Follicular unit extraction (FUE), follicular unit transplantation (FUT), Sapphire FUE, and DHI (Direct Hair Transplantation) are the most preferred hair transplantation methods.

  • Fue Hair Transplantation

In the FUE method; hair follicles taken from the donor area are transplanted one by one to the area to be transplanted. The FUE technique, which is often preferred, helps patients achieve more natural hair.

  • Fut Hair Transplantation

In the Fut method, hair follicles are transferred in clusters, not individually as in other techniques. Before hair transplant, the hair clusters are brought together under the microscope glass and separated again under the microscope glass.

  • Safir FUE Hair Transplantation

In the Sapphire Fue technique, hair transplantation is performed with the help of sharp-tipped surgical pens produced from sapphire. The most distinctive feature that distinguishes this technique from the FUE method is that the surgical pens used are sapphire tipped.

  • DHI Hair Transplantation

In the DHI technique, the hair follicles taken from the donor area are transferred to the transplant area through the implanter. Hair transplantation is performed with the implanter needle, which has a thin and sharp structure.

What Should Be Considered After Hair Transplantation?

For the first 5 days after the operation, the head should not be tilted forward and any contact should be avoided for the first 10 days. There is no harm in taking a shower with warm water from the 2nd day. Sports activities such as sauna, spa, hammam, or swimming should be avoided for about a month.

Plenty of water should be drunk in the first 5 days after hair transplantation treatment. Smoking and alcohol consumption should be avoided for an average month. It should be tried not to be directly exposed to the sun's rays. To accelerate the healing process, it is necessary to consume foods with protein content in the first days after treatment.

It is possible to benefit from free consultancy services to reach the best hair transplantation clinics in Turkey and to get information about hair transplantation prices.

With GoodLook's well-equipped employees, it is possible to analyze the best hair transplantation treatment and get support after the operation. To achieve live and healthy hair strands, action should be taken and hair should be improved before worse results occur.