Neograft Hair Transplant: Definition, Features, and Effects

Neograft hair transplant is a very modern method and can be defined as a kind of version of follicular unit extraction fue.

Neograft technique is essentially an improved version of the FUE method. Today, hair transplant technology has advanced considerably, and different types of hair transplant procedures are available. Thousands of people, including you, are wondering whether you are a good candidate for one of these methods.

If you are doing research for hair transplantation techniques, of course you have encountered the expression "Neograft hair transplant Turkey". In the rest of the article, the question of what is neograft hair transplant will be answered for you. If you still want to get more detailed information about the procedure, you can get a free consultation from GoodLook Clinic, the best clinic in Turkey.

Advantages of Neograft Hair Transplant

Neograft hair transplant is a game-changer in the world of hair restoration. With its advanced FUE technique and minimal scarring, it provides a viable solution for individuals dealing with various types of hair loss. This cutting-edge technology makes use of a hair transplant machine to precisely extract and implant hair follicles, providing a more comfortable and efficient procedure. To list the most important advantages of this new technique:

  • Less damage to hair follicles.
  • Side effects are less.
  • It is a fast procedure.
  • It is the newest hair transplantation technique.


Question Marks Related to Neograft Technique

Neograft fue hair transplant is considered innovative and reliable, but like every innovative procedure, there are some question marks about it. The main issues are that there is a certain learning period for hair transplant surgeons and the cost of the machines.

In addition, if hair follicles are intensively removed from your donor area, there is a possibility that the scars here may not look pleasant. This is also the case with the FUE technique. Basically, it can be said that this negativity is seen in difficult hair transplantation cases that require many grafts.

Neograft hair transplantation leaves behind punctate ones, not linear scars. You usually do not notice these scars. In order to see them, you need to shave your hair or cut it very short. Also, depending on how the procedure was carried out, unnatural results may occur. This is highly unlikely because it happens if the hair follicles are not placed at the proper angle to your hairline.

Also, if you are concerned about swelling, bleeding, scalp numbness, and the risk of infection, remind yourself that all other hair transplantation methods can have the same symptoms. These are not major obstacles to be afraid of neograft hair transplantation.

How Does Neograft Hair Transplant Work?

During the neo graft hair transplant technique, the surgeon usually shaves the entire donor area first. Following this, local anesthesia is applied to the area to make you comfortable during the operation. The next step is the collection of healthy hair follicles with a special wand that uses pneumonic pressure.

The application of this hair transplantation surgery is quite similar to the classical FUE method. After this stage, the collected hair follicles are transplanted with a special device. Here, bald areas on your scalp are targeted. Finally, the hair transplant specialist may apply a small dressing to your operation area to manage bleeding.

Who is a Suitable Candidate for Neograft Hair Transplant?

Your complaints such as receding hairline, balding scalp, and severe hair loss have become frequent, you have researched neograft hair transplantation and are seriously considering having it done. There is only one thing left to do now: Understand whether you are suitable for this procedure. For this, a comprehensive examination is sufficient.

If you have male or female pattern hair loss known as androgenic alopecia, if you do not suffer from high blood pressure, and if you are older than 25, you are probably a good candidate for neograft hair transplantation. During this examination, do not forget to be honest with your specialist about your disease and allergy history. If you are taking medications that can prevent blood clotting, the surgeon should also know about these.


As a result, if you have positive thoughts about this procedure, you have surely wondered about the cost of neograft hair transplantation. The most important factor here is how many hair grafts you need. As the number of hair follicles that need to be removed from your donor area increases, the cost of the operation also increases. In addition, factors such as the experience of your surgeon and the location of the clinic you choose can also be decisive.

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