On Behalf of the Power of Sapphire Fue!

Hair transplantation is one of the aesthetic methods that provide a radical solution to the problem of hair loss. The comments and photographs of people who achieved aesthetic and natural-looking results thanks to the Sapphire FUE technique are proof of this medical innovation.

Not sure which one to choose among various hair transplantation methods such as DHI, FUT, PRP, FUE, and Robotic DHI? You may also be wondering what factors make the FUE technique such successful and popular. In this article with a He-Man referenced title, who draws attention with his hair as well as his muscles, we will explain to you the pros of the Sapphire FUE technique.

Why Sapphire FUE?

Sapphire hair transplantation is a hair loss treatment that is familiar to those who suffer from baldness but are also looking for a solution. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. It is a medical invention that allows individuals to have thick and healthy hair.

It is a hair transplant procedure that allows you to get rid of androgenetic alopecia, which manifests itself due to genetic predisposition and hormonal sensitivity. In addition, it should be noted that FUE is one of the most preferred hair transplant methods by hair transplant specialists.

Hair Restoration with Sapphire FUE

It will be useful to give brief information about Sapphire FUE hair transplantation and to understand the advantages of the technique.

Before the FUE method, the patient's anterior hairline is determined. If the hairline is behind or ahead of what is considered normal, hairline correction can be made in this area. Then the type of hair loss, the intensity of the hair loss, and even the quality of the hair are examined.

For example, if the patient has a moderate or intense hair thinning problem, a treatment plan is created accordingly. If the patient has male or female hair loss or is experiencing advanced hair loss, what to do is clarified.

A donor area examination is also performed. In this way, it is predetermined from which areas the grafts (which can be briefly explained as tissue that contains hair follicles) will be taken and how many of them will be collected. First, the grafts are collected and then transferred to the targeted area by an expert plastic surgeon with hair transplant techniques.

Microchannels are opened and hair follicles are placed into these channels one by one with a thin medical blade that has a sapphire tip. The sharp smooth and durable sapphire pen is an important tool in this regard; however, the surgeon's success comes first in terms of channel opening and follicle placement or replacement.

All the details, from the location of each channel to the direction of the hair follicle, must be done from an artistic point of view. Otherwise, esthetically pleasing results will only remain a fantasy. In order to avoid such disappointments, we recommend that you call Good Look Clinic and make an appointment.

It is important to add that since local anesthesia is applied to both the donor area and the target area, you will not have to worry about "what if I get hurt during hair transplantation". Let's talk about the benefits of hair transplant with Sapphire FUE, which we promised to explain.

Benefits of Sapphire FUE

Even when FUE hair transplant surgery is still fairly new, the carefully made surgical blades give the whole process a lot of benefits. We guarantee it is one of the best hair loss treatments. The main advantages are:

  • Sapphire blades have a sharp, smooth surface that makes them great for cutting. Since the micro incisions are smooth, it doesn't take long to get better.
  • Since the ends of sapphire blades are in the shape of a V, surgeons can make more cuts, which means that FUE hair transplantation can serve more natural results.
  • Our aim at Good Look Clinic is to give the most natural look, to achieve this, it's important to transplant hair follicles in the right direction and at the right angle.
  • When it comes to the angle at which the cuts are made, sapphire blades are more flexible than other methods. This step plays also a decisive role during the channel-opening process. Because of this, this technique is the most popular in terms of how it looks.
  • Steel blades can't be used for hair transplantation surgery on people who are allergic to metal. But if the procedure is done with blades made of sapphire, they can think about undergoing the procedure without fear. With sapphire blades, they can go through with the procedure with confidence.
  • Since less damage is done to the hair follicles during the transplantation phase, there is less swelling, tissue trauma, and uneven wound corners than with traditional methods.


Good Look prioritizes giving you the aesthetic look you have always dreamed of with its successful and experienced healthcare professionals. You can call us for detailed information about all hair transplantation methods, including Sapphire FUE. Contact us instead of giving up or postponing your dreams.