Procedures of Hair Regrowth for Thinning Hair

Hair regrowth for thinning hair is one of the topics frequently researched by individuals who have lost self-confidence due to their sparse hair. The good news is that there are many natural and effective ways to stimulate hair regrowth for men and women and restore natural-looking hair.

What are the Factors Causing Thin Hair?

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it is normal for people to lose 50 to 100 hairs per day. However, more than this number of hair loss can be a harbinger of an annoying problem, and various problems such as hair thinning or partial female pattern hair loss can be observed over time. There are many factors among the causes of hair thinning, which usually passes as a result of several stages. It can be caused by various factors such as genetics, lack of postpartum hair regrowth and similar hormonal changes, an underlying medical condition such as alopecia areata, lifestyle habits, medical problems, and environmental factors. The most important among these factors are as follows:

1. Hormonal Changes:

Hormonal changes and imbalances can cause women with thinning hair. This is especially true for women during menopause or pregnancy, as well as for people with thyroid problems.


Hereditary hair loss is a common cause of thinning hair men and women. This type of hair loss is usually permanent, some treatments can help slow progression.

3.Environmental Factors:

Exposure to certain chemicals or toxins in the environment can damage the scalp and cause hair thinning.

4. Malnutrition:

Malnutrition or nutrient deficiencies can lead to thinning hair. Protein deficiency, anemia, vitamin, and mineral deficiency are potential causes of hair loss.

5. Some Medications:

Hair loss can be a side effect of certain medications, such as those used to treat depression, high blood pressure, arthritis, and cancer.

6. Medical Conditions:

Conditions such as alopecia areata, scalp infections, and lupus can cause hair loss and hair thinning women. Treating the underlying condition can help slow or stop hair loss.

7. Excessive Product use:

Excessive use of styling products such as jelly, wax, and hairspray can also damage the scalp and hair follicle and lead to thinning hair.

If you are losing more than 100 hair strands a day, it is useful to consult a specialist doctor. In this regard, you can get support from Good Look's successful medical team and experience treatment in one of the best clinics in Turkey.  

How to Achieve the Best Hair Regrowth For Thinning Hair?

Hair loss or thinning can cause anxiety in many people. The first signs of hair thinning may vary from person to person. These symptoms include generally; regressing hairline, a noticeable decrease in hair density or volume, and excessive hair loss during washing.

There are effective treatment methods for hair thinning cases that cause self-confidence problems. These treatments, which should be determined by the doctor according to the nature of the problem in the hair, can stimulate hair growth again. For an effective solution to thinning hair, you can consider the following treatment options:

  • Food promote hair regrowth. Therefore, you should follow a healthy diet full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals and make sure you consume foods rich in protein, iron, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Avoid excessive heat styling and chemical treatments, as these can damage the hair and make it more prone to breakage. However, using a gentle shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for thinning hair can provide hair care and treat thinning hair.
  • Take care to avoid tight hairstyles that pull on your hair follicles, as this can cause further damage. You can also consider using natural supplements such as saw palmetto, biotin, and green tea extract to support healthy hair growth.
  • If you think that your losing hair is caused by a medical condition or hormonal imbalance, seek medical advice. By contacting specialized professionals in the field, you can find out whether your thinning hair is caused by a health problem; you can benefit from treatment options such as a hair transplant for regrowth hair.
  • Consider laser therapy or light therapy to stimulate hair growth in thinning areas of the scalp. However, in some cases of thinning hair, you may consider the use of topical minoxidil, a topical solution that can stimulate hair growth, under the guidance of a doctor.
  • Try to keep the stress factor that contributes to hair shedding out of your life as much as possible and do not allow some negative psychological factors to thin or lose your hair.

If you are experiencing problems such as intense and continuous hair loss or a receding hairline, you should contact your doctor. Hair loss that seems simple may be the cause of a more serious underlying health problem. Getting professional support may allow you to diagnose the causes and benefit from hair loss treatment options.

Is Hair Regrowth Possible with Hair Transplant Procedure?

With advanced hair transplant procedures, hair regrowth for women is possible and the results are often effective. In a hair transplant procedure, healthy hair follicles are harvested from the back of the scalp and transferred to the areas of the scalp where hair loss has occurred.

Hair transplant techniques include Direct Hair Implantation (DHI), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), Robotic Hair Transplant, and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy. In each technique, the targeted men and womens hair regrowth is fully visible after an average of a few months and the results are usually permanent.  The procedure has minimal side effects and offers patients both a safe and effective solution.

Hair regrowth treatments can provide various advantages. One of the most important of these advantages is that such treatments can help to restore self-esteem and motivation. Hair loss, especially when it occurs at a young age, can be a distressing experience for many people. In order not to bring such experiences to a traumatic level; hair transplant, treatments such as scalp micro pigmentation, or the use of drugs such as finasteride propecia and minoxidil should be considered. Thanks to such treatment procedures, especially for young people; can restore their hairline, density, and volume, making them feel more confident and attractive.

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