Top 10 Signs You Need to See Dentist

Dental treatments are encountered in oral and dental diseases that people experience throughout their lives and in routine examinations they perform to protect their dental health.

Do you think that the act of going to the dentist regularly remains just a part of your childhood, that you don't need to see a dentist unless you need a tooth extraction or a filling? Dental professionals insist that you are wrong. As an adult, brushing your teeth 3 times a day is not enough to protect your oral health. If you do not want to regret the problems that may happen to you later, you should visit a dentist twice a year. Experienced dentists and oral health professionals do not only take care of your dental caries, but also try to protect you against all the risks that may develop.

With the developing technology and the opportunities provided, it is now very easy to maintain dental care today. Even if you think you're late in taking action, don't do it. It’s never too late to mend! Here are some of the symptoms that should make an appointment right away:

1) Gingival Bleeding

If you see constant pain and bleeding in your gums, this may be a sign of many things. Do not underestimate even a slight pain. The bone that supports your teeth may be damaged enough to cause gum disease.

2) Tooth Pain

You usually go to a dentist if you have severe pain and sensitivity in your teeth. This may be due to tooth decay or tooth fracture. The sooner you are examined, the greater the chance of your tooth being saved. Don't forget this!

3) Teeth Grinding

Also known as bruxism, this condition is often caused by intense stress or anxiety. You may not realize it until the symptoms become evident. Clenching and grinding your teeth causes you to not be able to sleep at night and therefore reduces your quality of life. Sleep apnea is also associated with teeth grinding.

4) Desert Mouth

Dry mouth is the result of not producing enough saliva. You may feel constantly dehydrated. In this state, your teeth are vulnerable to cavities. Treatment is very important for the preservation of the tissues in the mouth. A dentist will try to reinvigorate your spit flow with artificial saliva or sugar-free gum.

5) White Spot

You brush your teeth regularly, apply regular oral care, and even do not interrupt your examinations. But you still have white spots on your teeth? Unfortunately, it is possible. Below you can see some of the reasons that lead to this situation:

  • Acidic diets
  • Sugar-based diets
  • Dental traumas
  • Use of antibiotics or some medicines
  • Poor oral hygiene

Understanding the cause is very important in treating this condition, which is mostly caused by demineralization and excess fluoride accumulation.

6) Bad Breath

If bad breath persists despite regular brushing and flossing, there may be a more serious problem with more than one cause. Reflux, diabetes, sinus infection are some of them.

7) Pregnancy

During and after pregnancy, your teeth and gums will be more sensitive than ever before. This can lead to gum inflammation. During this period, it is recommended that you visit a dentist together with your obstetrician.

8) Jaw Pain

If you feel pain when opening and closing your mouth or while chewing, you should take precautions. See an orthodontist at a dentist's guidance before it causes bigger problems.

9) Weak Dental Treatments

Treatments such as dental bridge, dental veneers or fillings that you have had in the past or that are currently ongoing may not have been successful enough. You should see a dentist before you encounter a new problem caused by any of them.

10) Lingering Wound

You bite your tongue while eating something, or you realize that you have a sore on your palate. If you have had herpes or leukoplakia for several weeks, you probably have another problem. These are diseases with separate causes and should be checked as soon as possible.


As the GoodLook family, we have specialized in dental treatments with years of experience. We care about you and we are ready to solve all your problems. If you are experiencing one of the above problems and you should go to the dentist, you can contact us from our contact information and have a healthy tooth and mouth structure without wasting time.