Who Are the Best Candidates for a Brow Lift?

As individuals get older, various signs of aging begin to appear in their entire body. In particular, sagging in the face area as a result of the loosening of the skin and loss of elasticity are among the common complaints of middle-aged individuals. These signs of aging can manifest themselves all over the face. Lines formed over the years between the forehead and the eyebrows give the person an older and tired appearance.

The sagging of the forehead and eyebrows can cause droopy eyelids over time, if not intervened. The sagging and loosened eyelid skin may reach a degree that restricts the person's vision. Eyebrow lifting is used to prevent such undesirable situations. An eyebrow lift is a procedure that can be performed by both surgical and medical methods. After evaluating the condition of the person and the source of the problem, it is decided which procedure will be performed. 

The non-surgical eyebrow lift procedure is performed with the help of botox. This method is ideal for people who are afraid of surgery or do not meet the necessary criteria for surgery. Botox method consists of injecting botulinum toxin with small needles to predetermined places around the eyebrow. The results of the procedure appear within a few days and last for an average of 6 months. The process can be repeated every 6 months.

Surgical eyebrow lift methods are divided into three: forehead lift surgery, thread lift, and endoscopic eyebrow lift surgery. The most classic among these methods is the operation known as forehead lift or eyebrow lift surgery. This surgery is performed by removing the scalp from the temple of the person and lifting this area. This, which is carried out under general anesthesia and performed through a surgical incision, is more permanent than the botox procedure. However, the disadvantage of this forehead/brow lift surgery is that the scalp also loses its elasticity over time and causes impermanent results. The procedure of lifting the eyebrows with a thread, therefore known as thread lift, through a small incision opened from the front border of the hairline, may not be permanent for the same reason. The most popular brow lift procedure in recent years is the endoscopic brow lift. It’s performed with the help of small and thin cameras called endoscopes, without making any incisions and without leaving a trace. In endoscopic eyebrow lift surgeries, it is possible to perform the surgery by opening small holes at several points in the inner parts of the scalp without causing any bleeding and leaving a scar. Thus, the risk of infection and postoperative swelling, and bleeding complications are minimized.

All of these surgical procedures have pros and cons. The most important thing is to choose and perform the right method for the patient. These surgeries are suitable for both male and female patients over the age of 40 with good general health conditions. Botox or endoscopic brow lift will be more suitable for patients who are afraid of the risk of infection and the healing process. Also, the endoscopic eyebrow lift is more popular because it doesn’t leave surgical scars and has more permanent results.