Why Hair Transplant in Turkey is So Popular?

Hair transplantation in Turkey has increased its popularity today and we can easily say that the momentum gained by our country in this field will continue.

While in the past years, there were guests coming to Turkey for hair transplantation, mainly from the Middle East countries, in recent years, people from various countries of Europe and even the world have made their choices in favor of our country.

Undoubtedly, when you think of hair transplant treatment, you think of a reliable doctor, an experienced staff, technological equipment, a complete organization, and affordable hair transplant prices.

Turkey is a country that can meet all of these factors in hair transplantation. As the Goodlook family, we are among the leading clinics in Turkey with the experience and expert staff that we have accumulated over the years. So, what are the factors that make Turkey a leader in hair transplantation? You can find them in this article.

Advantages of Turkey in Hair Transplantation

Hair loss and baldness are among the problems that people frequently encounter from a young age. Although it is thought that hair loss mostly belongs to men, women also experience this problem.

For this reason, medical studies have intensified and it has been possible to develop new techniques. In this regard, Turkey also has accelerated its work with its doctors and clinics in the field of hair transplantation.

Especially FUE hair transplantation method, Sapphire FUE method, and DHI technique are applied very successfully in Turkey. Each of these procedures is preferred because of its different characteristics. After learning about these advantages offered by our clinic, you will find an answer to the question "Is it safe to have a hair transplant in Turkey?"

  • Since hair transplant treatments are carried out intensively in Turkey, especially the doctors and clinics in big cities are very experienced.
  • The environment of the clinics is very comfortable and safe. You can feel yourself at home.
  • The equipment and devices used have high technology.
  • Not only your treatment, but also your before and after hair transplantation processes are organized. From the moment you arrive in Turkey to your return to your country, everything is planned.
  • The hotels where you will stay for your hair transplant treatment are 5-star and extremely comfortable. Your travels within the city are provided by VIP vehicles.
  • Your consultant, who meets you at the airport, answers all your questions and is with you as much as you need.
  • When you come to Istanbul for your hair transplant treatment, you will experience all the beauties of the city. Its historical texture and cultural activities will also attract you.

One of the most curious subjects is "How much does hair transplant treatment cost in Turkey". Compared to Europe, it's crystal clear that Turkey has affordable hair transplant costs.

Things to Consider About Hair Transplant

You are ready to have a hair transplant surgery in Turkey. However, where do you begin? Research is the most critical factor prior to a hair transplant surgery. The more expert clinics you are able to locate, the better your outcomes will be.

The top hair transplant surgeons typically give information about pre-op and post-op preparation. As a precautionary measure, you are not recommended to drink alcohol or smoke. These two activities especially should be avoided one week before surgery. Other consequences are individualized, a specialist will produce a personalized list for you. This is about the drugs you take, any illnesses you may have, and your nutrition.

Three to four months are required for complete recovery from a hair transplant. The most crucial period is the first fifteen days after the operation. For the first two days, the treated region should not be touched. This warn includes taking shower also.

In the initial three weeks, you should avoid doing strenuous exercises. Any supplement or blood-thinning drug is considered dangerous in this period. After two weeks, only scissors may be used to cut your hair. After six months, in normal circumstances, your hair will grow normally, as your body will have totally recovered.

Hair transplant specialists in Turkey give you all this information. The only thing to think about is the great results of your treatment. You know the advantages of choosing Turkey in hair transplantation and what Goodlook can provide you. Please contact us for an exclusive hair transplant treatment.