Health Tourism

Health Tourism in Turkey

Health tourism continues to gain momentum and draw attention globally. Turkey stands out in this field with the high number of patients it hosts every year from various parts of the world, gradually strengthening its place and importance in health tourism. The growth in the number of foreign guests preferring Turkey for medical purposes indicates that health tourism continues to develop more than expected.

Finding state-of-the-art clinics plays a key role in terms of health tourism both to reach qualified treatment for a healthy life and to have a beautiful appearance. Turkey maintains to improve its popularity thanks to the marketing strategies and policies it carries out to meet patients’ demands.

Besides cost-effectiveness and visa advantages, the accommodation and high-standard services at affordable prices also make Turkey preferable and one step ahead.


What is Health Tourism?

Health tourism can be defined as “traveling from one’s home country to another country for the purpose of medical treatment and services”. Turkey attracts a great number of patients with its advantages such as advanced health facilities, talented doctors and VIP services. The high cost of health services in European and North American countries is also another reason for the demand for Turkey.

Turkey differentiates from other places due to its most affordable prices. Many well-equipped hospitals and health institutions in metropolitan cities, majority of which are in Istanbul, compete with each other to provide better service to their patients day by day, making the field of health tourism undoubtedly much better.


Why Turkey?

Turkey is one of the leading countries in health tourism simply because;

  • • Receiving quality treatment with low budgets is a key factor.
  • • Turkey has a very distinctive geographical position compared to many countries.
  • • The Turkish Ministry of Health put standards on the medical institutions to follow certain procedures to perform all health tourism activities.
  • • Having an advanced airline network system and high-standard airport facilities make Turkey distinctive.
  • • Turkey ranks 2nd in the world among health institutions accredited by JCI, ensuring that patients come Turkey feeling safe.
  • • Owing to its geographical location and climate, guests can experience all seasons in Turkey.
  • • The historical heritages in Istanbul are of great interest to tourists.

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