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Frank,Jr : Mama look! I can see myself on dady’s head.
Betty : This is enough Frank.You got to go to Turkey immediately.
Frank : Where is Turkey for God’s sake Betty.
Betty : Turkey, Anatolia, Asia minor whatever you call I don’t care. I want to see hair on your head again like the old times.
Frank: But my shining head keeps the predators away.
Betty : Stop nonsense. Go to Turkey.
Frank : Okay sweetheart.


Let’s get serious.

The answer may be YES or No we can never be sure. But there are some good, logical reasons for men losing their shiny, attractive hair rising from their scalps in time.

As we all learned at school, evolution comes about by mutation. So maybe the question might be why men chose to lose their hair. There are certain advantages or naturally processed factors for our ancestors losing their hair.

If you ask me, one of the reasons of spreading the genes of male pattern baldness around the world was mostly women. How come ! Ladies like men with hair, I hear you say. But wait, evolutionary instincts are kind of working independently. Derek Moran from Ireland  says  ; Have you ever noticed high ranking male gorillas or chimps being groomed by females? The higher in status, the more they are groomed. What happens with excessive grooming? They look as if they are going bald because the hair keeps being pulled out. So the balder you look, the more attractive you are to females who think you must be of a high status to have achieved such baldness, therefore genetic baldness would mimic groomed baldness and would be evolutionarily advantageous.

The male pattern baldness is linked to high levels of testosterone in the skin and scalp. By gathering together with higher numbers and coming across with more female partners may have caused men secrete higher amounts of testosterone which led to higher number of bald dudes among us today.

Scientists now believe that male pattern baldness may have first started around 40.000 years ago when people migrated from central Asia and Africa to Europe. Vitamin D was a scarce necessity. Men may have lost their hair on their scalp to get more sun light.

Our evolutionary psychology may have led to having less and more grey hair to some extent, too. Losing hair makes you realize you are ageing and nothing about you is everlasting. You feel wiser and death doesn’t make you worry as it does  a young blood.

Sure there are some other theories about this issue such as after the discovery of fire, less hairy cavemen were less flammable. Moreover, being bald may create an aerodynamic advantage when swimming, chasing prey or potential mates. Sounds stupid? Definitely it doesn’t  if you would ask me.

Lastly, to me, all is about loving yourself or having enough reasons to love yourself to be happy. If you are happy with your shining, sexy sculp, then keep enjoying it. This also will create fewer expenses you spend on your barber. If you are not, then entrust  yourself  to medicine and technology. Come to Good Look Clinic ;)


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