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A beautiful mouth structure and healthy teeth are the main factors for having a dazzling smile. A person with an impressive smile can stand out in daily life with self-confidence. This situation can affect communication as well as appearance and it can be achieved by designing a smile. The "Hollywood Smile", which has been popular with Hollywood stars in recent years, is also known as a term now.


Ways to Have a Hollywood Smile

Hollywood smile quickly became popular and took its place as a type of aesthetic operation. Having this smile is quite possible for almost anyone. In addition to healthy and bright teeth, the position of the gums; the structures, colors and positions of the anterior and upper teeth are decisive at this point.



The elements that show up in the Hollywood smile can be listed as follows:

  • • Having regular upper anterior teeth with no fillings,
  • • In the upper row, the anterior teeth are prominent,
  • • The appearance of the upper teeth should be up to the first molar when smiling,
  • • The appearance of the gingiva (upper jaw) to a certain degree,
  • • Symmetrical lips when smiling,
  • • The proportionality of the width of the face between the width of the lips.


Hollywood Smile Procedure

The following procedures can be applied to have a Hollywood smile:

  • • The condition and suitability of the teeth are checked for the porcelain lamina. It is decided due to the position of the lower and upper jaws and the position of the teeth for this procedure. If there is dental crowding, it may be asked to use braces first. The procedure is performed by gluing porcelain to the surface of the teeth. The front surfaces may need to be abraded for this.
  • • If the teeth are in the correct position and there is only a discoloration problem, whitening is enough. Zirconium veneer can be used instead of porcelain lamina in people with problematic front teeth. In this way, you can have a natural and bright tooth appearance.
  • • Gums are checked and if there are any gum diseases, eliminated. It is important how much of the gingiva is visible during the smile and it can be adjusted by cutting a little piece if necessary. If there are gaps in the teeth, these gaps are filled with the help of dental implants.

All or some of these procedures can be applied to achieve the desired aesthetic appearance of the teeth. As a result, it all aims to obtain a Hollywood smile.


Hollywood Smile Post-Treatment Period

After the Hollywood smile procedure, the person should take care of the teeth as in the daily routine. 2-times brushing in a day and using dental floss should be continued. The person should have the teeth checked every 6 months. Since porcelain veneers can be sensitive, it's so important to take care while eating and harmful habits should be avoided.

Dental veneers can last for about 10 years, depending on regular care. They are replaced with new ones when they expire.
It's not possible to give an exact time for this. The period may increase or decrease depending on the gum disease treatment, dental implants, the number of teeth covered, and the type of veneers performed on the person.
The cost may vary depending on the content of the procedure applied to the teeth. A full treatment that includes gum disease treatment, fillings, and implants may cost more.
There are several processes involved in the Hollywood Smile practice. Missing tooth treatment, teeth whitening treatment, veneer and dental implant applications among the most popular of these. Before the treatment, you will have a comprehensive consultation with your dentist and find out which ones you need. The operation's viability depends on factors such as the healthcare staff performing it, the materials utilized, and the patient's postoperative care. The dental staff prefers high-quality tools and materials in a comfortable dental facility for this everlasting treatment. The assessment involves a thorough evaluation utilizing X-Rays to identify the operations you need and to give you a Hollywood Smile that will last. Unlike fillings, dental implants and veneers are meant to endure a long period. When the procedure is complete, the medical staff will thoroughly explain the aftercare to you.
Hollywood Smile relates to the desired aesthetic smile by the majority of celebrities and models. It embodies the characteristics of white teeth that are brightened, aligned, and devoid of gaps. The Hollywood Smile is a procedure that can correct many dental defects. It aims to give a perfect set of teeth and a radiant smile.
Yes, Hollywood Smile is a procedure that is both safe and effective. Because the treatment requires major methodological knowledge, it is better to start with a dentist who is specialized in this field and has extensive expertise Besides the aesthetically pleasing benefits of achieving a Hollywood smile, dental operations and care successfully contribute to your general health. Following your nutrition plan, using dental hygiene products, and taking care of your oral health will help you maintain the results. Healthy teeth will ensure you prevent health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and lung disease, all linked to oral bacteria.

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