FUE Hair Transplant Treatment


FUE is one of the hair transplant methods performed by taking hair follicles and implanting them in hairless areas. FUE (stands for Follicular Unit Extraction) offers an innovative solution for people who are experiencing hair loss to different degrees. After hair transplantation, the hairless areas are filled with hair and thus a more impressive overall image is obtained. Thanks to hair transplantation technologies, these procedures can be done more easily and in a shorter time.


Hair Transplant with FUE

FUE hair transplantation technique is one of the most popular applications because it offers a less painful and more comfortable healing process. Before the operation, the doctor talks with the patient. The condition of the hair follicles, skin, and tissues is examined. The patient may be asked to temporarily stop taking diabetes medication, blood thinners, etc.


The area where hair follicles will be taken for transplantation is also examined and the patient's hair follicle quality and hair strength are observed. After all these, the date of the medical operation is decided. With full recovery, thicker-looking hair and a more aesthetic appearance are obtained.

FUE Hair Transplant Treatment

Old hair follicles are replaced with new ones during the operation, that’s how hair restoration is applied. First, grafts are taken from the donor area. A graft is a formation that contains the scalp, tissue, and hair follicles. Contrary to popular belief, it does not only consist of hair follicles. Grafts are collected from the healthy hair follicles’ site. These are then implanted into the scalp to be transplanted. The doctor meticulously places the grafts on the hair loss region. The surgeon's skill has an impact on how natural and impressive the new hair will look. Blood vessels nourish those newly planted follicles thus, thinned hair becomes stronger again, and a denser hair design is achieved.


Recovery Period After FUE Hair Transplant

It is essential to listen to what the surgeon will say to prevent complications such as infection, scarring, and damage. You can go home after the surgery. Your doctor will make the final decision about being discharged from the hospital. 2 to 3 weeks after the FUE treatment, newly transplanted hair falls out and then new hairs will grow back. Do not be afraid when faced with this situation, because it is normal. The new hair will grow back thicker and even stronger. There may be swelling, tenderness, itching, and bleeding. The discomfort caused by all this will disappear in a short time.

It can be said that hair transplantation treatments in women generally result in a high success rate, depending on an experienced surgeon and the procedure.
There are some mild side effects in hair transplant treatments for women. Bruising, crusting, infection, and numbness of the scalp may occur.
It varies depending on the hair structure and type of hair loss in the person. There is usually a sufficient number of grafts in the donor area.

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