Prp Hair Treatment


PRP hair treatment is a multi-stage medical procedure in which plasma taken from the person's own blood is processed and then injected into the scalp. PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma and this treatment has been applied since the 1980s. Some studies in recent years show that PRP injections stimulate natural hair growth and that the application can positively affect hair follicles by accelerating blood flow. PRP hair treatment can also be combined with other hair treatments.


PRP Hair Treatment: Procedures 

PRP hair treatment is a multi-stage process. PRP treatments usually require three sessions with an average of 3-5 weeks apart. Check-ups should be done every 4-6 months.

The blood is drawn often from the candidate's arm and put into a centrifuge. After about 15 minutes in this machine, the blood is separated into in three layers: Platelet-poor plasma, platelet-rich plasma, and red blood cells. The platelet-rich plasma required for treatment is drawn into a syringe and then injected into targeted areas on the candidate's scalp. The procedure takes about half an hour and no pain is felt during the operation. It is possible to return to daily life immediately after a PRP session.

PRP Hair Treatment: Benefits

With PRP hair treatment, weakened and thinned hair can be repaired. Hair follicles are thickened and contribute to their voluminousness. PRP hair treatment can also help for revitalizes passive hair follicles, protects the hair against shedding, increases hair follicle vitality, repairs hair texture, and encourages hair growth.


PRP Hair Treatment: Candidates

Ideal candidates for PRP hair treatment are generally those who are in the early stages of hair thinning and still have hair follicles that are at least somewhat active.

However, this does not mean that people who experience severe hair loss or have inactive hair follicles do not have a chance. There is still a chance for them also. PRP treatment may just give slower results and may require a longer process.


PRP Hair Treatment: Side Effects

While most of these are not serious, there are some side effects in PRP hair treatment. Dizziness, nausea, scalp pain, irritation during the healing, scarring, injury to blood vessels, and injury to nerves among the side effects.

It is not possible to regrow hair with PRP treatment. It is effective on hair follicles and helps only existing hair to refreshment.
It is beneficial to wash the hair before the procedure. In this way, it is purified from dirt particles. It is desirable that the scalp be sterile before injections.
It is necessary not to color or perm the hair for at least 3 days after the PRP treatment. Chemicals can irritate the injection site and cause complications.

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