Hair Transplant With Sapphire FUE


Hair transplant with sapphire FUE method is a surgical method performed to fix hair loss and baldness by using sapphire-tipped blades.

During the process, the grafts are collected from the donor area with the help of the FUE motor. They are transplanted and placed into the opened channels carefully. The procedure can finish in one session and the results are permanent.

Procedure for Sapphire FUE Technique

Before the hair transplant Sapphire FUE, the patient undergoes the necessary examinations. Like other hair transplantation methods, the first thing to understand is whether the patient is suitable for hair transplantation. The operation can be performed by giving sedation due to the patient's preference. The sedation or local anesthesia is applied for preventing pain. While the patient is under anesthesia, the graft collection with FUE motors phase begins. Grafts are usually taken from the neck of the patient but if the density is not sufficient, grafts can be taken from other regions of the patient’s body.


FUE motors ensure that the hair transplant process becomes more sterile and the recovery time is significantly shortened. In the next step, channels are opened with sapphire-tipped blades. Extremely sensitive touches are put with sapphire tipped blades and this application is considered the biggest distinctive factor of this method. Thus, the procedure prevents damage to the tissues. Finally, the operation is completed when the grafts are placed in the channels.


Differences Between Classic FUE and Sapphire FUE

Before deciding on which hair transplantation will be done, it is useful to get detailed information about the methods. In this way, it becomes possible to decide which one is better. FUE engines are used in both procedures. The main difference between the two methods is that the blade used in the classical method is steel. However, sapphire-tipped blades are used in Sapphire FUE, which allows the plastic surgeon to operate more meticulously.


Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant Healing Process

After the hair transplant with Sapphire FUE, the patient should rest all day long. The first hair wash should be done by a specialist in the clinic. The scabs that occur as a result of the operation fall off within a month. “Shock shedding” that may be experienced after the scab falling out phase should also be considered as a part of the process. This situation is considered as an adaptation. Immediately after that, permanent hair will start to grow. It takes at least 6 months for permanent hair to become apparent, and about 1 year for the final results of the operation.

When it comes to the cost of hair transplant with Sapphire FUE, the whole examinations applied to the patient are calculated. Variables such as the experience of the doctor who will perform the operation, the volume of the area to be transplanted and the number of grafts play a role in determining the price.
Yes, the sapphire FUE method can also be applied to women. Male-pattern hair loss is also common in women. Especially the unshaven sapphire FUE method is ideal for women, because only the donor area is shaved within this method.
It is very important to follow the treatment plan determined by the doctor, considering the whole process. Reducing or qutting cigarette and alcohol consumption is considered as a precautionary measure. Protecting the area from damage and using the right shampoo are also among the precautions to be taken.
It is a method performed with the help of special sapphire blades. As their name implies, these blades are composed entirely of sapphire. They were created as a result of research conducted to produce more advanced technologies for hair transplantation procedures. This technique reduces hair follicle tissue damage during the transplanting phase, resulting in a rapid healing process. In addition, minimal amounts of edema, tissue damage, and uneven wounds are seen. The accuracy of the depth and breadth of the incisions is one of the most major benefits of Sapphire Hair Transplantation. It avoids large or small incisions that reduce the success rate of hair transplantation.
By choosing the Sapphire FUE procedure, hair transplantation may be completed in a short period of time, but the results are permanent. The Sapphire technique is an advanced kind of FUE hair transplantation that produces more natural-looking outcomes. Sapphire FUE guarantees that the final results will look completely natural. The procedure can be applied in most cases. Hair transplanted into a person's scalp does not fall out in time and the results can last a lifetime.

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