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BTL treatment is a face and body shaping method that increases collagen production through radiofrequency technology and thus, tightens the skin. BTL is also known as Exilis elite.

Combining radiofrequency with ultrasound energy, BTL therapy can tighten every area of ​​the skin. With the heating and cooling safely, the energy is transmitted to various depths in the tissue without any pain. The system can treat tissue up to the last layers of the skin. It is a non-surgical and effective method.


How Does BTL Treatment Apply?

With BTL exilis elite, ultrasound energy reaches the deep layers of the skin and sends a signal to collagen fibers. This causes the body to produce a significant amount of collagen in a short time to give the skin a tighter, smoother appearance. There will be a feeling of warmth caused by the heat penetrating the skin. With the cooling process, the skin is protected from the heat of the treatment. It has a painless and comfortable procedure. Depending on the size of the applied area, the entire process can take from half an hour to an hour.

Who Can Have BTL Treatment?

BTL exilis is an ideal method for those who want to improve the appearance of their body through cosmetic surgeries. The ideal age to receive treatment varies widely, from 20 to 70. It is necessary for the patient to be realistic and to decide well which areas he/she wants BTL treatment. Anyone who wants to be more self-confident after a tighter skin can choose this treatment.


BTL Treatment: Fields of Usage

BTL Exilis treatment can be applied to many different parts of the body:

  • • Chest
  • • Abdomen
  • • Lower back area
  • • Arms, hands
  • • Buttocks
  • • Calves
  • • Ankles
BTL treatment has a non-surgical, painless procedure. Therefore, there is no incision and a healing process related to it. After the treatment, it is possible to return to daily activities. Some tenderness may be felt in the treated area, but this symptom usually disappears within the same day.
Depending on the skin of the person to whom BTL treatment will be applied and the areas treated, the cost varies. The patient can get information after a consultation.
In order to achieve better results from BTL treatment, some patients may take several sessions. Several months can be expected to see the full effects of treatment. 

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