Golden Needle Rejuvenation Treatment


Golden needle (also known as Scarlet S) is a method that transmits radiofrequency waves under the skin with the help of a special device in order to eliminate problems such as acne scars and skin blemishes. The needles in the head of the device called Scarlet S are made of gold, and this is why the treatment is called "golden needle".

It is also known as skin rejuvenation with fractional radiofrequency. It is a very successful treatment that minimizes unwanted appearances on the skin.


Golden Needle: Areas of Usage

Golden needle treatment can be a solution for many reasons. These areas of usage can be listed below:

  • • For fine wrinkles on the face
  • • For sagging, burns, and scar problems
  • • For bruises under-eye
  • • For cracks after pregnancy
  • • After gaining excess weight
  • • For tightening skin pores
  • • For skin problems with acne.


How is Golden Needle Treatment Applied?

Special needles transmit the heat to a certain extent under the skin with radiofrequency waves. It's harmless on the skin. It reaches directly the layer where collagen production is seen. It destroys the tissue in the area and then starts a wound healing process naturally.

In this way, the skin renews itself. A healthier and tighten skin appears. This treatment is applied for skin rejuvenation as well as being a cure for acne and blemishes. It can also be called a non-surgical facelift procedure. It is a treatment that can be applied at any time of the year. It can be applied to almost anyone over the age of 16. While acne treatments usually last 5 sessions, 5-7 sessions of treatment are required for skin cracks.


Golden Needle: Aftercare

The main reason why golden needle is often preferred is that there is usually no peeling or shedding after the application. After the procedure, a slight redness may occur on the skin. However, this disappears in an average of 6 hours. The patient can generally return his/her daily life without any problems.

Since golden needle targets the tissue under the skin, it has no effect on the upper layer of the skin. Therefore, there is no such thing as staining. A slight redness or edema may be seen, which will disappear over time.
The price may vary depending on the area of ​​treatment and the size of the deformation. It is possible to get more information after a detailed examination.
Yes. It is possible to notice the effect of the treatment from the first session. One of the most important aspects of the treatment is that it can be permanent for a long time.

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