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A keloid is a thick raised scar. It can occur in different parts of the body due to skin injuries. But it usually appears on the earlobes, shoulders, cheeks, or chest.

Some people are more prone to developing keloids. Such people may have keloids in more than one area. Scarring due to keloid is not harmful, but it can cause psychological problems. Keloid treatment is possible and early diagnosis is very important.


How Is Keloid Treated?

In the treatment of keloid scars, there may be one or several different procedures depending on the case. Compressions by using fabric or similar material may be the first option for newly formed keloids. This method can also be used after a surgery procedure. It is possible to make the scar disappear by applying pressure on it while the wound is healing.


When it comes to a smaller keloid, treatment may be attempted by injecting cortisone. It may take about 6 months for the scar to return to normal, and injections should be continued during this period. Cryotherapy is preferred also for small keloids.

Larger keloids can be healed with pulsed dye laser sessions. This method can also be useful in relieving itching and fading keloids. In this method, it is necessary to take several sessions at one-month intervals. If other methods fail, the doctor may recommend a surgical procedure.


What Are the Symptoms of Keloid?

Scarring from keloid can occur over months or years. Major symptoms may include:

  • • Thick, formless scar on the earlobe, shoulders, cheeks, or chest
  • • Shiny and rough skin
  • • A soft or hard tissue
  • • A reddish, brown, or purplish site
  • • Itching
Keloids form in scar tissue. Collagen used in wound repair tends to overgrow in this area, sometimes forming way larger than the original scar.
Yes. Keloids are usually treatable, so they are nothing to worry about. Several methods are available and they are generally effective in removing keloid scars.
Pulsed dye laser sessions, which are often preferred in the treatment of large keloids, are mostly successful.

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