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Ozone therapy is a type of therapy method that enables the human body to fight against various diseases by using its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances.

The ozone molecule consists of an oxygen atom and is supplied with a generator for medical use. By entering the body in low doses, it stimulates the immune system, and its antioxidant attribute comes from this. It enables the production of molecules for body resistance, especially in people whose immune system is not working well.


Usage of Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is a method that is directly used in the aesthetic field, especially for skin regeneration. With the ozone, the skin is stimulated to perform its own functions. The regeneration rate of the epidermis, which is the skin layer, decreases or stops with aging. The appearance of wrinkles comes with aging. At this point, ozone therapy provides vitality and moisture, and can barrier skin aging.


Ozone has the feature of increasing blood flow. It provides oxygen exchange in the tissues and expands the capillaries. In this way, the cells are fed better and the immune system becomes stronger.

Ozone therapy may also play a role in the treatment of some lung-related respiratory diseases. It regulates the bronchi and improves air exchange. In addition to these, it can also be used in the treatment of some oncological, dermatological, and infectious diseases.


Detox and Ozone Therapy

In addition to all its benefits, ozone is also strong against toxins. Useless toxic substances produced in the human body are excreted through ozone therapy. By ozone, it is possible to separate and neutralize chemicals entering the body in various ways. Detox has an effect on the nervous system, cardiovascular system, and therefore, immunity. A person whose detoxification function does not work well can age faster and has a higher risk of developing serious diseases such as cancer. At this point, ozone therapy has almost the same effect as detox and can protect the body in different ways.

Ozone therapy is applied for an average of 10 sessions, and it may be necessary to take at least 5 sessions for seeing effects. It can be applied once or twice a week.
It varies depending on the type and intensity of the treatment to be applied. Full-scale ozone therapy can take up to half an hour. A minor therapy takes about half a minute.
People with various and different types of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, intestinal disease, spine inflammation, hepatitis, cystitis can take ozone therapy.

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