Plasma Pen Treatment


A plasma pen is a high-tech tool that involves no surgical process and aims to tighten and rejuvenate skin with increased collagen levels. This may be the answer to “what is a plasma pen?”.

Low collagen levels cause sagging and this is one of the indications of aging. It’s quite possible to get rid of these problems such as wrinkle and droop by getting plasma pen treatment. 


How Does A Plasma Pen Work And How Is Its Procedure?

A plasma pen works by turning electric energy into nitrogen in a simple definition. It's targeted the upper layer of the skin when performing but can also be reached and restored to the lower layers with radiating heat. This process is also known as “fibroblasting” and the name is coming after the root cells in connective tissue. 


Areas That Plasma Pen Treatment Uses 

Plasma pen treatment can be used in almost all areas of the body that have saggy and excess skin. When it comes to eyelids, it can be preferred as an alternative to plastic surgery. It can affect the lines on the face like crow’s feet. It also can be used on scars and dead cells under the epidermis.

When the skin tightening and anti-aging are aimed at, it is highlighted as advantageous in both its low price and practicable in all areas of the body.


Recovery of Plasma Pen Treatment

After applying plasma pen treatment, there may be seen minor wounds like burning on the skin but they are not so important. Discoloration and swelling may occur. The period after the treatment may comparable with tattoo’s or a mild sunburn’s after. The symptoms usually disappear after the first week. All skin layers keep going to treat themselves during this process. With increased collagen level the results start to be appear. In 2 months, the results can be seen fully and this condition stays evident in the following years. 


Aftercare of Plasma Pen Treatment

In the following weeks after plasma pen treatment, the dermis, epidermis, and hypodermis will still be healing by themselves. When the treatment is done, necessary information for care is given to the patient. These can be listed as:

  •  No water contact should be done to the treated area.
  •  Scabs should not be picked.
  •  No make-up over the treated area.
  •  Should be careful of the UV rays and the treated area should be covered.
  • • Any skin care products that can be harmful for the area should not be used.
The type of the treatment and the size of the area to be treated should concern when it comes to the cost of plasma pen treatment. The cost depends on these conditions.
Like in any other cosmetic surgery, the affects of the treatment may be reduced after a while. However, a well-applied treatment’s results stay for years through increased collagen levels.
No, not much. The procedure of plasma pen treatment includes almost no pain at all and does not affect the patient’s daily routine. It may be felt very little pain during the treatment. Local anesthesia is given and can be repeated if necessary. 

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