PRP Face Treatment Injection


PRP treatment is an advanced treatment that stimulates cell regeneration with the help of the plasma obtained from the person's own blood.

In general, skin rejuvenation, hair loss and orthopedic disorders can be treated within the scope of PRP treatment. The own blood of the person is separated into plasma by a special process. This plasma has cells called "platelets". The function of platelets is to ensure blood clotting. In addition, they also contribute to the healing of wounds, with their properties for growing.


How is PRP Face Treatment Applied?

First of all, a blood sample is taken from the patient. The blood is then placed in a centrifuge for several minutes to spun at high speed. A syringe is used to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the blood sample.

Plasma and serum are removed then. It is reinjected into the skin of the patient under local anesthesia. Only the targeted areas are injected. It is possible to return to daily life quickly. Plus, the side effects are very limited.

PRP Face Treatment: Candidates

As with most other cosmetic procedures, the best candidates are women who are not pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to conceive. In addition, this treatment may not be suitable for people with immune problems, any type of cancer, severe anemia, abnormal platelet function and active infection.


PRP Face Treatment: Advantages

Since the person's own production is used in PRP face treatment, the risk of side effects and allergic reactions is very low. It boosts natural collagen production, reduces or completely eliminates facial lines, folds and wrinkles without swelling and bruising.

The nature of the procedure is ideal for those who want to avoid synthetic products and related treatments. PRP treatment is not gender specific, so both men and women can benefit it. PRP facial treatment does not require surgical intervention. The improvement in the appearance of the skin after PRP treatment is satisfying and natural.

This may vary depending on the area being treated. More sessions may be required for the effects of the treatment to continue. PRP facial treatment can be applied 3 times a year depending on the scope of the treatment.
Generally, the effects of PRP treatment can be seen immediately after the session. Within a few weeks following the treatment, collagen production accelerates and more healthy cells begin to form under the skin.
A very small amount of discomfort and tenderness may occur after the treatment. These quickly disappears on its own.

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