Silkpeel Skin Rejuvenation Treatment


Silkpeel is a hi-tech device developed for skincare and related treatments. Silkpeel treatment includes microdermabrasion and dermal infusion techniques together, but it is a more advanced one.

Microdermabrasion has a series of skin resurfacing procedures. In this procedure, the surface layer is peeled off and sand or aluminum particles are penetrated into the skin by the "sand blasting" method. It can be said that it is a conventional technique. Abrasive bits or brushes are applied to the skin, it makes feel polished. However, it also includes a more advanced technology known as a dermal infusion, whose popularity is rapidly growing worldwide.


Silkpeel: Procedure

In both the microdermabrasion and dermal infusion systems, part of the top layer of the skin or the stratum corneum (the layer of dead cells of the epidermis) is removed. But silkpeel is much more controlled and consistent in the way it works. This is because instead of spraying particles onto the skin or manually pushing an abrasive tip across the skin, dermal infusion uses controlled vacuum pressure. In this way, a skin care specialist can perform the application by abrading equally as aggressively or softly as the vacuum pressure she/he has set. The procedure does not involve the use of powdered crystals, so it leaves no particles on the skin.


Advantages of Silkpeel 

Silkpeel skin rejuvenation treatment can be performed without the need for any preliminary step. The process takes an average of half an hour. After the procedure, the effects usually appear immediately and a silky appearance is obtained on the skin. People can return to daily life immediately after the procedure is completed. There is no additional care or examination. One of the important differences compared to other skin care treatments is that it can be applied in the summer months. In this way, regular care is possible and maximum efficiency can be get from the treatment.


Silkpeel: Fields of Usage

Silkpeel treatment is effective and used in different areas. Birthmark removal, wrinkle treatment, acne treatment, and skin cracks are the main ones.

With silkpeel microdermabrasion and dermal infusion treatment, it is possible to get into every depth in the upper layer of the skin and peel it evenly. In addition, solutions with hyaluronic acid, which are beneficial to the skin, are used during the dermabrasion technique.

Some acids such as retinoids should be avoided for a few days after silkpeel. It is recommended to use sunscreen every day. In this way, the best possible result can be achieved. In addition, it is recommended not to wax the treated area for 5 days from the date of treatment.
The cost of Silkpeel treatment depends on the application site, the dermatologist, and the length of the procedure.
Although there is usually no severe pain, little discomfort may be felt. Some skin tightening may also be felt.

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