Stretch Marks and Fine Lines Therapy


Stretch marks or scars that occur when the skin stretches or shrinks over time are often referred to as stretch marks that run across the skin.

Stretch marks can appear on different parts of the body. Abdomen, chest, upper arm, and buttocks are the leading areas. Skin cracks are not harmful. They can be permanent like some scars or they can disappear over time. Stretch marks caused by pregnancy tend to disappear within an average of 6 months.


Stretch Marks Treatments

There are treatment options for people who are not satisfied with cracked skins. The appearance of stretch marks can be improved under the guidance of an experienced dermatologist.

Tretin cream can restore elasticity to the skin. It boosts collagen production. It is effective on stretch marks that usually appear pink or red in color. It is not recommended for pregnant women. The cream produced for hyaluronic acid can be beneficial in regular use. Since the body produces it naturally, the treatment is common and safe.

There is a laser treatment option that stimulates collagen and elastin production together (Pulsed Dye Laser). It is more effective on newly formed scars. The fractional photothermolysis method can be applied to small areas of the skin with the help of a laser. It is similar to the previous pulsed dye laser method. Microdermabrasion method can also be used to remove skin cracks.


Causes of Stretch Marks

Cracked skin usually occur for two main reasons:

  • • Skin stretching in any part of the body,
  • • An increase in cortisone in the body.

Cortisone is a hormone naturally produced by the adrenal glands. However, overproduction of this hormone can cause loss of skin elasticity.

Cracked skin are quite common. Studies show that it can be seen in about 90 percent of people due to different reasons. They usually occur during and after pregnancy or after weight fluctuations. During adolescence, some stretch marks can be noticed.

In order to get a good result from the treatment, an average of 5 treatment sessions are usually needed. However, in some patients, the number of sessions may decrease or increase.
Laser therapy is not a long process. A single session lasts an hour and a half on average. Some discomfort may be felt during the application, but it's not a severe pain.
It is possible. It can be tattooed on healed scars, as well as on skin cracks.

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