Sweating Botox Treatment


Botox involves a type of toxin produced by a bacteria named Botulinum. Its main effect is to stop the agents on the nerve endings and block transmission between nerves and organs. When the nerve transmission is blocked, this makes the organ ineffective entirely or partially. Botox can be used for different reasons and areas such as aesthetic concerns, paralyzing the mimic muscles, and reducing sweat. In sweating botox, the needles cut the connection between the neurotransmitter (that causes sweating) and the sweat glands. The signals reaching the sweat glands, which are activated when the body temperature rises, are much more intense in people with excessive sweating. This is also called hyperhidrosis.

Sweating Botox: Procedure

Botox for sweating has a small procedure that takes approximately 30 minutes. Injections can be given in one session. The skin is marked and botox is then applied with an injection directly under the skin. An average of 20 injections is made around the targeted area (armpit). Some substances may be given to the patient to prevent pain such as ice. The patient can be free and can return to his/her daily life after the injections are made. The examination after the injections is set and the patient should attend that.


Sweating Botox: Aftercare

Botox injections include a simple procedure. Before sweating botox, it is requested to shave the armpits. In order to avoid bruising on the skin, blood thinners should be avoided for a while. It is very important to follow expert advice in this process.


Sweating Botox: Recovery

It is possible for the person to return home immediately after sweating botox. It requires little care and a local pain can be felt on the next day of the application. About 2 weeks after the injections show their effect, they go to the examination. Deodorant or perfume should not be used for 2 days to avoid skin irritation in the armpits. Heavy exercise should be avoided for several days.

The cost of sweating botox varies related the scope of the operation. If it is desired to be apply on several parts of the body at the same time, the cost may increase.
Mild pain and bruising at the injection site, headache and flu symptoms may occur. In addition, symptoms such as drooping eyelids and dry eyes may be encountered, especially with facial needles.
The first results may be within a few days. It may take up to 2 weeks for the injections to take full effect.

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