Youth Vaccine Procedure


Youth vaccine is performed to remove the sagging, wrinkle, and discoloration of the skin that occur due to aging. It is an answer to the “What is youth vaccine?”.

When the skin loses the tightness, it causes some problems such as the drooping of the face, the disappearance of facial features, under-eye bags, and jowl sagging. Saggy skin starts to wrinkle as lines and all of these cause slow blood circulation under the skin.


Youth Vaccine Procedure

Youth vaccine is performed under local anesthesia with small injections. It has a painless process and usually takes about 30 minutes. After anesthesia is given, the skin is cleaned for preparing the operation. Youth vaccine is generally applied to the whole face and neck area together. If there are more wrinkles on the cheeks and forehead, the operation can focus mainly on these areas. When it comes to determining the dose of the vaccine, it depends on some factors belong a person specifically such as the age of the skin and the needs of the skin.

Youth vaccine shows effects in areas below:

  •  To disappear the forehead line,
  •  To refresh, rejuvenate the face,
  •  To tighten the neck,
  •  To recontour the jowl,
  •  To rejuvenate around the eyes and the eyebrows.


If the best results are wanted to see, it should be performed at least 2-3 sessions by following the procedure specialized for one person. It’s possible to see some improvement in the skin following days but the best results may show up after 1 month.


Candidates for Youth Vaccine

“Who can be applied the youth vaccine?” is one of the questions most asked. It can be performed on everyone who is an adult both men and women. The production of hyaluronic acid is a key factor, especially after the 30s. It becomes reducing and the skin starts fading at the same time. Anyone who wants to get better skin, and who wants to see rejuvenation on his/her skin can be a candidate for the youth vaccine.


Aftercare for Youth Vaccine

After the youth vaccine is applied, no water contact is a must. The person should not take a shower on the first day. Sun protection is also important. It’s useful to take extra care when making up for a few days. The habits that cause dry skin such as alcohol and cigarette can be avoided for a while.

Youth vaccine effects should be seen a period of time like the other injections and technics for rejuvenation. If the person has a healthy life and has no bad habits, the effects can last more. 
Since the youth vaccine is based on hyaluronic acid and it can be seen in many areas of the human body naturally, usually, it is not seen any side effects. 
Youth vaccine is one of the non-surgical procedures performed for rejuvenating and it can be counted as a low-price operation.

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