French Face Lift


French lift is a kind of non-surgical facelift method, it is based on stretching the skin with flexible threads made of polyester and silicone materials. Since it is developed in France, it takes its name from there.

With the help of this method, it is possible to get easy and effective results with threads that do not disturb the body, without the procedure and incisions of a surgical operation.


French Lift: Procedure

Within the procedure of the french lift, flexible threads are placed between the tissues around the ear and the tissues around the chin. The area to be treated is disinfected and anesthetized by giving local anesthesia. Small incisions are made in order to attach the threads under the skin. The threads are placed, stretched at the correct rate and fixed at ear level. The whole process takes around 1 hour and after it is finished, the patient can return to daily life. Small incisions may take a few days to heal. If the patient requests, the procedure can also be done in reverse. Flexible threads can be used for up to 10 years and can be repeated if the patient wishes.

Benefits of the French Lift

The french lift has more benefits especially compared to some other aesthetic procedures. They can be listed as follows:

  •  It’s a non-surgical procedure,
  •  It can be applied under local anesthesia,
  •  Does not stretch the facial muscles,
  •  It lasts up to 10 years,
  •  Does not leave any traces,
  •  It can be easily returned to daily life.

French Lift: Treatment Areas

Various areas can be treated with the french lift. On the face: 

  • Cheeks,
  • Around the chin,
  • Eyebrows,
  • Neck and cheekbones 

On the rest of the body, a french strap can be applied to the breasts, arms, legs, and hips.


Aftercare for French Lift

It is aimed to take the oval shape of the face with the french lift procedure. Contours and cheekbones become prominent, and thus wrinkles are reduced. The muscles on the face are not affected by the threads. Collagen production is increased around the areas where the threads attach to the skin. At the end of this whole process, usually, a renewed skin image is obtained. In order to see the full results, the adaptation period of the face is about 3 months.

No, the effect of the french hanger application and the used threads to stop aging is not known. Its effects are valid for a certain period of time.
The threads with the french lift are made of materials compatible with the human body, so they are harmless. Edema and bruising can be seen and they are effective for a short time.
The french lift procedure and its cost varies according to the region and location. It is not possible to say a specific fee.

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